Discover e-biking and the power of mobility assist while experiencing the beauty of Flagstaff and the Urban Trail System.  You still pedal and get a great workout while having the ability to ride at 7000 feet.  Fat Tire E-biking is perfect for those who want to return to biking and need the assistance to enjoy the outdoors. The tours meet at various location from late May through September and private group outings are available.

What’s an E-Bike? It is considered “mobility assisted” bike powered by a battery. We go NO FASTER than regular bikers, and in fact follow the pathway rules better than most bike riders.  Yes, our pedal assist or e-bikes have the right to be on pathways as they aren’t considered a MOTOR. Check it out and discover the power of mobility assistance and enjoy the tour and scenery.

  • ·      2 minimum riders needed or E-bike tours maybe subject to cancellation

  • ·      Price: $65

  • ·      Tour Length: 2-3 hrs

  • ·      Included: water bottles, snack, sun screen and guides

  • ·      Tour Times: Vary

  • ·      Requirements: Adults 18 years of age, a signed waiver of liability, maximum weight of 260 lbs.