We are opening Labor Day weekend in Scottsdale and have bikes available for your morning tours. We also are open in Flagstaff through October, or “snow”” and you can check out availability at:


OUR E-BIKE Mission Statement-
To assist our riders with rediscovering the outdoors with the Greenbelt and bike paths system through sustainable E-biking. We strive to meet our riders needs by providing a safe E-ride, excellent customer service, and an unforgettable outdoor tourism experience.

What’s an E-Bike? It is considered “mobility assisted” bike powered by your pedaling and a power option to assist as needed. We go NO FASTER than regular bikers, and in fact follow the pathway rules better than most bike riders.  Yes, our pedal assist or e-bikes have the right to be on pathways as they aren’t considered a MOTOR by the State of Arizona. Check it out and discover the power of mobility assistance and enjoy the tour and scenery. NEVER RIDE ALONE WITH GREEN BELT BIKE TOURS!


Details & Benefits

Lets Ride 12-20 miles and feel great on the beautiful Greenbelt and bike pathways that Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix have to offer!

  • Location Start Point: Silverado Golf Course and at this location we will train riders on how to properly and safely operate the E-bikes

  • Tour times: 1.5-2.5 options. based on your tor the Locations that will be visited are the scottsdale Greenbelt and parks, Tempe Town Lake, Papago Park and the arizona Canal Paths

  • You will discover: fun and interesting facts about the sites you visit and how water shapes most of the desert.

    • Get a great workout and enjoy the beautiful AZ weather

    • Bring or meet new friends on the tour

    • Work out to your capability with the mobility assist feature on our E-bikes

    • Ability to test out the RAD E-bike if looking to purchase one (Referral Discount)

    • Get out with your company team or group of friends and book a private ride

About Us

John, Marsha, and Todd at Papago Mountain

John, Marsha, and Todd at Papago Mountain

We're not renting bikes, we are providing a tour complete with the bikes, guides and a great time. We are the experts on Life & Leisure Integration through outdoors as well as education on the Scottsdale Greenbelt. Todd Davis has been in the field of Recreation for 40+ years and worked in Scottsdale Parks in the late 70's and continued from there to build a successful corporate recreation business. Todd and Marsha currently facilitate team experiences including “Life Leisure Balance” and teach Recreation and Quality of Life in college.

Greenbelt E-Bike Tour of Scottsdale

Ride with us on our exclusive Fat Tire Pedal Assisted bikes and experience the eye-catching Scottsdale Greenbelt. This system of parks, trails and golf courses was as an alternative to building a giant concrete pathway for rain runoff. Today the Greenbelt is one of the highest rated trail systems for walking, riding and recreating. We start our tour at the Silverado Golf Club with a training session on e-bike riding and safety as that is our top priority. Our Tour Guides will then take you on a pre-determined route with stops through Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix. Guaranteed to be a Tour you will enjoy and discover the value of outdoor adventure and beautiful parks, lakes, golf courses, desert vegetation, cactus, mountains, canals and art.

  • Minimum riders required to book

  • Fees from $45-$65

  • Tour length from 1.45-2.45 hrs

  • Riders must have some experience and balance

  • 5’4” & above recommended height


E-Bike Discovery Tour


Discover pedal assist and exercise all in one bike!

Bringing mobility and recreation to those who may have quit riding!

Ride with us on our exclusive Fat Tire Pedal Assisted bikes and experience the eye-catching Scottsdale Greenbelt while learning about e-biking. You will learn how to ride e-bikes then discover the ease of mobility assistance as you tour through the Scottsdale Greenbelt Pathways. Guaranteed to be a Tour you will enjoy and discover the value of the Rad Power E-Bike. Riders can receive a coupon for discount purchases through

  • 2 minimum riders needed

  • Price: $45

  • Tour Length: 1:45 (30 minutes education & training 1.5 hr ride)

IMG_0529 2.jpeg

Enjoy friends while E-biking

Ride and feel great while getting exercise!


GBBT Booking Calendar


Private Group E-Bike Tours

You can choose a date from our calendar and book your group, or call us for a custom package. We can do a “life-leisure” outdoor ride, a two team challenge with competitions along the greenbelt, or stop and see some sites. Tours can be as short as 2 hours, or as long as 4 hours. We can also design it to have lunch included based on the bookings on that day.


For additional inquiries or comments, contact us through this form. Please follow us IG and Twitter for updates and promos on tour rides!





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